Strip production line

The strip production line widely absorbs the domestic first-class production technology of rare metal sheet and strip, with advanced equipment and complete facilities. The rolling production line has a 2450MM four-roller reversible rolling mill, a 1450MM composite strip four-roller reversible rolling mill, an electric processing furnace, and a vacuum creep furnace , Hot straightening machine, sheet straightening machine, pickling line, shearing machine, water cutting machine, fire cutting machine, etc.

The 2450MM four-roller reversible rolling mill has strong rolling force, large torque, and a large opening of 550MM, which can achieve large deformation of the titanium alloy plate (such as TC4) (up to 40MM, the thickness of the finished wide and thick plate reaches 100MM, and the width of the finished wide thin plate reaches 200MM) The entire processing system is equipped with corresponding advanced heating equipment, heat treatment equipment, surface treatment equipment for plastic machines, inspection equipment (including flaw detection), etc., to ensure that the titanium processing is more uniform in composition and organization, product performance meets requirements and is more stable, surface area quality and dimensional accuracy Consistency is good.