The titanium industry will continue to develop well in 2020

The titanium industry will never forget that the titanium market from 2005 to 2007 has made most of people's money. The price of sponge titanium has increased from the lowest 40000 yuan / ton in 2004 to nearly 300000 yuan / ton, which is due to the serious mismatch between the output of sponge titanium and the downstream demand, forming the seller's market. From 2008 to 2018, the price of titanium sponge collapsed step by step, with a minimum price of 40000 yuan / ton (among which there is a single contract of 38000 yuan / ton, which is said to be the "Wulong finger" of cash flow shortage during the Spring Festival). It is really "where to come and where to go". This situation is still that the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain are not matched and converted into the buyer's market. The price of titanium sponge has returned from nearly 300000 yuan / ton to 40000 yuan / ton, which is not a worry caused by the poor market prospect of titanium but by the poor "matching". Because the price of titanium sponge has been declining for 10 consecutive years since 2008. The market demand has increased from several thousand tons in 2004 to over 60000 tons. The market demand has increased about 20 times, but the price has dropped six or seven times.

Ten years of stormy titanium market, while growing sad. After 2016, the price of titanium sponge has gradually recovered from the lowest 40000 yuan / ton to 68000 yuan in 2018 and 81000 yuan / ton in 2019, which is also a problem in the "matching" of the industrial chain. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, the overseas Russian Turkish war and Saudi oil slump were seen in the 2020. In fact, this situation is still caused by the mismatching of the industrial chain. It can even be said that "matching" is also a common "virus" in the industrial chain!

Titanium landscape is still the same as the original market is still there

2020 is an unusual year. The outbreak of the epidemic, the Russian Turkish Syrian war, the sharp fall of Saudi oil and the global stock market... It is reported that a greater economic crisis may occur since 2008. As a result, the argument that business is not easy to do, money is not easy to earn, and titanium market is in recession has emerged. Is the titanium market really depressed? Since the price of titanium sponge fell step by step in 2008, the market demand is still growing steadily. Can we say that the market is not good? Conclusion: the market is still very good, only because the output exceeds the market demand. The rarity of things is their price, and they suffer more.

In the year of gengzi, the outbreak of the epidemic, local wars, oil collapse, and stock market fuse did not affect the titanium market! Titanium landscape is still sunny, the demand is still increasing slowly, the market is still there, and the development path has not changed.

The market demand for military products increased slightly. Although the demand for military products only accounts for about 20% of the titanium market, the growth in recent years cannot be ignored. The problems in epidemic, war, oil and stock market will not affect the demand for military products, or even stimulate the growth of military products. Under the international environment, it is necessary to further strengthen national defense construction. The profit forecast of BaoTi in 2019 is 75% higher than that of last year, of which the proportion of military products has its own answer. Superconducting profits in the West are increasing year by year, and the proportion of military products is also quite large. The demand for titanium in military products has increased by a large margin.

The market demand for civil products increased steadily. In fact, the titanium civil product market has been rising steadily, only to see if your products are on the right path with the market! Since 2005, the market demand of sponge titanium has never been reduced due to the price drop. The rigid market demand has changed from 5000 tons to 10000 tons and over 50000 tons. Now it is 70000 tons and 80000 tons. Shaanxi Tiancheng Aviation Materials Co., Ltd., Baoji Jucheng Titanium Co., Ltd., Tiancheng Metal Co., Ltd., Baoji Xinnuo Co., Ltd., topda Metal Co., Ltd., Yixin Metal Co., Ltd., Hercules, Changzhou Jinxi Titanium Co., Ltd., Guangzhou aoyaligu and other enterprise products have been applied in many fields, such as aviation, aerospace, ocean, medical treatment, chemical industry, construction, etc., as well as the year-on-year growth of sales revenue and steady growth of profits. This shows the fact that civil products have been steadily increasing year by year Long.

The market growth of household goods is obvious. The demand for titanium in the field of civil living products has increased significantly. Although the volume is small, the market potential is huge. Since the application of Boyou titanium products in CCTV, more and more consumers are recognizing, contacting and using titanium. Titanium products of BaoTi metal, acme titanium, Boshi titanium, Suzhou Kangti, Zhejiang Feijian, Hubei titanium, Taizhou Taicheng technology, Zhongshan Dingxing, Zhongshan titanium society, Heshun titanium, etc. have entered the market and entered the hands of consumers. This year, the titanium cup of Jiangsu sinor, the leading enterprise of cup and kettle, will be on the market, and the titanium products of Wujiang in Hunan Province will gradually enter the market. Looking at the development momentum, we can see that the demand for titanium is increasing, of course, the competition among industries has become white hot.

Therefore, the titanium landscape is still the same, the market is still there, can we seize the market, can we make profits, can we live on what? It depends on real Kung Fu covering technology, quality and culture.

The law of market reappearance

Believe it or not, the titanium market is there. Whether you like it or not, titanium still has a bright future. In 2020, the epidemic will not change the demand of titanium market development of real enterprises. What can change is the mood, because the market rule will affect the price system change brought by the "matching" imbalance of the industrial chain. Perhaps some enterprises themselves do not do well will also be attributed to the epidemic.

Why is it bothering to say "match"? Because of the bad matching, the contradiction between supply and demand will be prominent. Since 2016, the price of titanium sponge has gradually "climbed" from 40000 yuan / ton to 68000 yuan in 2018 and 81000 yuan in 2019, an increase of 90%. Eight months ago, the price of about 80000 yuan analyzed by the reporter in the research article should be put to an end temporarily, or even fall back. At present, the actual transaction price of sponge titanium is at least 3000 yuan / ton lower than the quoted price, and even lower.

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